Monthly Meeting of SB Club this January 29, 2024

Monthly Meeting of SB Club this January 29, 2024

We would like to inform you that the monthly online meeting of Synthetic Biology Club (SB club) will be held this Monday, January 29, 2024 at 12h00 (EST). Please, Click here to register after which you will receive the meeting link (zoom).

Title: Multiplexed CRISPR: Complex genome engineering and diverse applications

Presenter: Benjamin Ouellet, PhD student at the Abdel-Mawgoud Synthetic Biology Lab at Institute of Integrative and Systems Biology, Laval University, Canada.

Time: Monday, January 29, 2024 at 12h00 (EST).

Place: Online (via Zoom). The zoom link of the meeting is provided by email after your registration. Click here to register.

Abstract: The development of CRISPR-based technology has revolutionized genome engineering, enabling efficient modification of various microorganisms with limited to no scars. As iterations of CRISPR-mediated genetic engineering can be time-consuming, Multiplexed CRISPR allows for targeting multiple genes at once by expressing different gene-specific gRNA. This technique has proven to be effective in multiplex gene disruption, gene integration, as well as CRISPR interference and activation.

In this talk, we’ll overview the concept of Multiplexed CRISPR, strategies available and its applications.

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