Our Funding Organizations

Our Methods and Approaches

In-Lab Facilities


GC (Trace 1300), MS (ISQ-7610), for the analysis of fatty and amino acids, FAME, TG, sugars...

Gradient Thermocycler TAdvanced

For regular, gradient, stepdown and other PCR.

Rotary Evaporator

For the extraction and concentration of biomolecules.

Air/Nitrogen Evaporator

For the evaporation of solvents under stream of air or nitrogen gas.

SPE vacuum manifold

Solid Phase Extraction for the rapid extraction and enrichments of biomolecules.

epMotion 5070 Robot

For high-throughput molecular biology experiments.

Culture tube rotators

To maximize aeration and growth of different cells.

Molecular biology facilities

PCR machines, Gel electrophoresis and Imaging, DNA sequencing


Incubators at 28 and 37 °C for growing yeasts and bacteria.

Biological hood

Laminar air flow cabinet for aseptic microbiological manipulations.

Institutional Facilities (at IBIS where our lab is located)

To know more about Institut de la Biologie Intégrative et des Systèmes (IBIS), please click here.


NMR (600 mHz) for determination of chemical structures of molecules.

Bioinformatics platform

High-performance computing and data storage for Genomic studies and others

Imaging platform

With fluorescence, confocal and scanning / transmisssion electron microscopes

Lab-scale Bioreactor

Biolfo110 (NewBrunswick), 3L bioreactor

On-Campus Facilities (Laval University and its affiliates)

We are privileged with an access to on-campus advanced research equipment as well as platforms that are indispensable for our research projects. Also click here to check for more equipment available on-campus of Faculty of Science and Engineering, Laval University.

DNA Sequencing Facility

Both Sanger and Next generation DNA sequencing services