Future Members

We are working on a number of very interesting synthetic biology projects focusing on biomolecules synthesis and discovery destined for health, biofuel and bioremediations applications. Moreover, we have projects aiming at developing molecular biology tools for microbial hosts used as synthetic biology platforms. Last but not least, we have a couple of projects that aim at advancing the fundamental understanding of the biochemistry of certain secondary metabolites in their natural producers.
For these projects, we are looking for SELF-FUNDED or POTENTIALLY SELF-FUNDABLE (Click here to to learn about scholarship opportunities) ambitious and highly motivated researchers of all levels, including, but not limited to, trainees (undergraduate), students (both master and doctoral) and postdoctoral fellows or associates.
Admission to the lab is based on merit criteria defined for every category of applicants. These merit criteria include academic excellence, academic background, research/technical experience and communication skills (including language skills). A preference will be given to applicants with academic backgrounds at one or more of the following domains (e.g. biochemistry, microbiology, bioinformatics, biological engineering, chemical bioengineering). 

In case of equal merits, priority will be given to domestic applicants (i.e. residents of Canada). While we are objectively using the above mentioned criteria of selection, we are also doing our maximum effort to provide all individuals an equitable access to opportunities by considering the realities of different groups of people. Moreover, we believe that our diversity is the source of our strength, therefore, we are actively recruiting people from diverse groups and with diverse experiences, approaches, and perspectives. We are committed to make all members of the lab feel valued, respected and supported, which are basic rights to every human being, yet in implementation of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) principles, we address particular attention to underrepresented groups.
Please, feel free to justify reasons of low productivity like justified 
leaves for maternity, parental, sick leaves, family care and community responsibilities. Justified reasons will be fairly considered in the assessment of applicants’ files and in the selection process.

Applicants are expected to submit their application, exclusively via the online form that is accessible through “APPLY HERE" button on this page, while respecting the announced deadlines.

Documents that are required to be attached to applications include: a cover letter highlighting the above criteria, a detailed CV and transcripts (i.e. mark list transcripts; in french: “relevés de notes“). In the cover letter, applicants are encouraged to mention which research theme(s) they are mostly interested in. 

Applications can be sent in FRENCH or ENGLISH.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply for scholarships. Please click here for some opportunities.

To have an idea about the Laval University’s
deadlines for registering in MSc or PhD programs, click here
(N.B. our lab’s internal deadlines are ahead of Laval University deadlines)

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