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  1. Feed all Author names while usinig their name formats that exactly match their publication names used usually (Check their previous publications).
    Authors name (initials then last name then ";" between two names), e.g:
    E. Déziel; A. M. Abdel-Mawgoud
  2. Feed all featured figures that you think representative and/or showing the value of your work.
    Note: Do not attach tables unless really necessary!
  3. Put the full name of the journal and not its abbreviated name.
  4. Put the DOI link that leads directly to the article.
  5. Upload the citation file in the RIS format.
  6. Embed link of Scimago Rank for the specific journal as shown from the image below 

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Sample Figures

Upload best sample figures (including graphical abstract if relevant), in JPG or PNG formats, and their descriptions (legends).