Université Laval
Pavillon Charles-Eugène-Marchand
1030, avenue de la Médecine
Local 3155 (Bureau)
Québec (Québec), G1V 0A6, Canada

Alexandra Bourgeois

Undergraduate research intern and research assistant, Winter 2020

Laval University – Institute of integrative biology and systems

Alexandra Bourgeois is currently a third-year undergraduate student planning to graduate in 2020 with a B.Sc. degree in Microbiology from the Faculty of Science and Engineering, Laval University. She has held a position as an undergraduate trainee in the synthetic biology laboratory of Dr. Abdel-Mawgoud at L’institut de Biologie Intégrative et des Systèmes (IBIS), Laval University, since autumn 2019. She has a particular interest in how, by using synthetic biology, microorganisms can be used to produce bioremediation and pharmaceutical products. During the fall 2019 semester, she worked on the development of a CRISPR-Cas9 protocole for Rhodotorula toruloides. Now during the winter 2020 semester, she is also working on the development of genetic tools for the engineering of cellulose production by Komagataeibacter.


  1. 2020

    BSc in Microbiology

    Laval University – Faculty of Science and Engineering, Québec (Qc), Canada