Biography Form

Biography form

Biography Form

We are happy to include your profile on the lab’s website. This will let the public know who is working in the lab and doing what. Moreover, it will increase your visibility to the scientific community. Please, complete the information that you would like to be published about yourself.

Here are some notes on filling this form:

1- This is your portal to let the scientific community know about yourself, your past and current academic profile, your professions, your awards, prizes and distinction as well as your personal ambitions. Particularly, people will be interested to know more about the project you will be working on in the lab. The biography part is the most important part where you can express yourself, so it will be nice if you spend some time working on it!

2- You can always be inspired by my profile on how to fill the form and how it will look like.

3- Giving your personal email is OPTIONAL, yet, it will help us keep in contact with you later when you leave the lab should your academic email stop functioning.

4- Leave already filled cells as such.

5- If you would like, choose one of the icons that you would prefer to be attached to your profile. (NB. it happens that some lab members would not like to publish their personal photos on the lab’s website, so to harmonize between all lab members, we decided to put a symbolic icon about the identity of the person. You always have the right to choose non of them).

5- Please, fill your form in English.

6- Your profile will be posted on the lab's website only after you forward the email titled "Consentement / Consent of Biography form", that you will receive in your inbox once you submit the form, to the email of Dr Ahmad Saleh to confirm your consents given in this form